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21 years old. Est. August 2011

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The brands on your clothes, the size;
The color of your skin; the make up on your cheeks.
Whether you are a boy or a girl, or none of them at all.
This are the things that don’t define you.

Throw all of this things aside for they don’t make you, who you are.
They don’t dictate how much you are worth.
Just close your eyes and see you are worth so much more than that.
You are amazing, with or without those things.

You are beautiful, you are handsome.
You are human, and we all have our flaws,
But we are perfect as we are.
Close your eyes and see that you are good enough.

How many friends you have, how much money you have;
How many times you’ve lost control, and all those dark thoughts.
The time you’ve been clean; the times you’ve kept it to yourself.
Those bad decisions, you are worth so much more.

You are everything someone is looking for.
Someone spends their sleepless nights thinking,
Imagining what it’d be like to have someone like you.
To have you.

Close your eyes and feel the beating of your heart,
Feel your lungs breathe; you are alive.
This is what matters.
You are all that matters.

It’s not the size of your jeans or the number on the scale.
Or how much you can lift.
Let only your actions, and how you treat others;
Define you.

Only you can define you.
Only you can decide how much you are worth.
So close your eyes and see,
You are not worth less than the next person.

He is not worth less than you.
You are magnificent.
Take that credit and accept it.
There is no one like you.

There never has and there never will be.
You are unique and unreplaceable.
You are, and excuse the cliché;

Sometimes I get so sad about having no musical talent. Specially not being able to sing, how I want it atleast. Like seriously, I’ve got 1001 songs written, awesome tributes to my favourite fictional heroes and such. But no, I can’t publish them because I can’t sing. Will someone be so kind to lend me their voice? To sing this songs for me?


I’m sorry if you don’t like it. But you see, I find it funny. It’s my blog so… And I really did burn my brain to think of something “smarty-ass” to post about that game. So… yeah. Sorry not sorry.