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21 years old. Est. August 2011

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Why can’t you see, all I want, all I need is your love?
Maybe I remind you of someone you’ve never met, someone you want to meet.
I want to know all of you.

Your words stick to me like chocolate on my lips.
Just give in and show me how deep you can love.
Just lose control and let’s let our feelings rule.
Have no fear, for I am only asking for what I can give back.

In my madness, only you can keep me sane.
Your eyes and touch; your words and voice.
Your care and your interest.
Your love, like you’ve never done before.

Your hand holding mine; and in the midst of a million people and chaos, us.
So give me your hugs and kisses, and even your mood swings and scoldings;
For I want nothing less, nothing more; than you.

With all of your luggage and virtues.
Your giggles and your yells.
So please, just get out of my head; I want you in my arms instead.
I can recognize you are beautiful, inside-out and I want to have that.

To have you, everyday.
So, just turn to look at me, and recognize the way I look at you.
Please just let me be your chemical reaction.
Maybe together we can create the strongest bond.

And our pieces will fall right into place.
We’ll bring the best out of each other and polish all of us;
Until we are both more than perfect,
At least to our eyes.

In our darkness we’ll find light.
In your eyes I will find pieces of me;
And maybe through them see both our futures too.
So give me your love, because that’s all I need.

Oh, and you.