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21 years old. Est. August 2011

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There would be nothing else I´d ever need.
The shadows in my mind dimmed; the spaces on my hands filled.
I’d be complete. I would never need to see the sun again, your eyes have all the light I need.
I’d have a reason for everything I do, and lonely days would be no more.

We’d be travel companions and like such we’d discover the worlds edges.
If I had you, in my mind where there was nothing, there would be you.
My days would be mostly sun-shine. And we’d have someone to blame.
Your arms would be the only home I need.

It would feel like I had accomplished the biggest most important thing in the world.
If I had you, I could change the colors of the sky with just a smile.
I could paint a picture in black and white and turn it to colors, while blindfolded.
I would slow down time so we could be together just a little longer.

Your voice would be the soundtrack of my days, and your smell my every day.
My days would begin with you; and my nights end with you.
If I had you, I’d be as happy as could be; and I’d make sure you where too.
I’d always keep you safe and would go out of my way to make you happy.

If I had you; I’d lose myself in the seas of your eyes.
I’d find light in the dark corners of your mind.
I’d be your sword and your shield.
You’d be my engine and my cause.

Every day would be sunny and clear for us to go outside;
Or perfectly rainy for us to cuddle and stay inside.
In the dark I would fall in love all over again, falling deeper each time.
If I had you, I could discover color in pictures made black and white.

Every time you’d lose your faith, I’d help you find it in me.
If I had you. My heart would never feel empty again, and I would make sure yours would never feel so either.
There would never be enough time to spend it together.
I’d discover something new and beautiful in you every day.

Waking up next to you every morning would make all of my days start off with the right foot.
If I had you, I would smother all of your insecurities with love.
Your problems would be mine, and I would never go to bed without you knowing that they have a solution.
My first and last words would always be for you.

If I had you, your name and love would mix in my mouth, like sugar and coffee.
If I had you, your touch would stick to my skin, like dew on a plant.
If I had you, you would be the only medicine I would ever need.
If I had you, my darkest times would still have some light.

If I had you… If I had you.
If I had you, and you had me.